What Is FBT

Forum Belia TEGAS or in short, FBT is a series of Youth Forums organized across the state to gather input from youths as well as a platform to update the youth on the latest State’s agenda. Each series of FBT will bring in discussion on various topic, relevant to the current state’s development agenda – eg : Digital Economy.

Packed with discussion and information, FBT is designed in such a way that it is comfortable for the youths to express themselves. There will also be performances by local Sarawakian artists.


Youth Empowerment

through Technical Education, Inspiring Talks, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Action Sports and Creative Arts

Educating Youth

on opportunities and the current developments in Sarawak

Developing Youth

to be the future leaders and changemakers of tomorrow

Youth Networking

To connect and unite youth from the the Rural and Urban areas

FBT 2017 Highlights